Who We Are

We are Rob's Guitars - An entirely new kind of guitar-shopping experience. 


In 2004 father and son Barry and Rob decided that following Robs poor treatment in a local music store, they would start their very own; from the comfort of their own setting. By converting their would-be music studio at home into an Aladdin's cave of stringed treats they have created a buzz that can be heard far beyond the Tamar River with visitors from all over the UK coming back year after year as well as our fantastic local, and tremendously loyal friends who visit us time and time again to see our latest stocks.


Since our foundation we have grown beyond our wildest expectations and are constantly blown away by the amazing reaction we get from all of our customers. 


Our unique position gives us the ability to offer the highest level of personal service and a huge choice of guitars, basses, amps and strings 'n' things from many brands including Fender, Gibson, Takamine, Martin & Co, Taylor, Hofner, Epiphone, Aria, Line 6, D'Addrio, Ernie Ball and many more.